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morning, my name is …, i come from is really a great
honor to have this opportunity for a interview.i hope i can make a
good performance today. when i was young,i have already own a i learnt  knowleage about computer
from books.And i have acquired basic knowledge of computer. So i
chose t compuer sicence and technology when i enter universty.In
campus,I learn the computer technology in a systematic

Much of my spare time,i write articles about some
my experience.About ten articles published in newsapapers.And i
joined Dell,i found the ts job suits with my abilities.In this,i
improve my communication skills.I learn how to communicat with
customer,and how to help customer resolve problems.And i have some
hobby for example photography,i was the chairman of photography
union in school.I also like running,two month ago i attend the
marathon,and i accomplish the full marathon.that is

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